Meaning of pregnancy in dreams

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Meaning of pregnancy in dreams

A pregnant woman in dreams is always a good sign and signifies prosperity and emotional fulfillment. If you see a pregnant woman giving birth in your dream, you will have great success in your professional life. An ambitious plan of yours may come to fruition and give you particular joy.

If you see a woman giving birth to twins or triplets, then your successes will be enormous: you will acquire great wealth and power. If the newborn is stillborn, problems and sorrow may arise.

If a baby is born with problems, be aware of radical changes that may occur in your life. Do not decide to make new investments because you will incur losses. Communication with your associates will be difficult, and there will be disagreements between you.

If you are a woman and dream that you are giving birth, you will have joys, a possible marriage, entertainment, but some illness in your uterus may also be possible.

Finally, if you are a man and dream that you are giving birth, you will have even greater profits if you are wealthy, but losses, complaints, and sorrows if you are not well-off. Do not be disappointed by any minor setbacks that may arise, there is no need to hurry.

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