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Meaning of baby in dreams

Baby sleeping

Babies usually represent our nurturing side.

The most usual dream interpretation, according to traditional dream textbooks, about holding a baby in your arms is a warning for bad news and sadness to come.

A modern interpretation approaches the dream with baby-infant differently and weighs many factors about whether the appearance of the baby in dreams is good or bad.

If, for example, the baby is healthy and you feel beautiful or if there is discomfort, similar situations will occur in the future in your life.

If you see that you are breastfeeding a baby, you will receive financial gain.

If you are single means good progress in an emotional bond and possible marriage.

If you have a wanted desire of a baby, you would probably end up having dreams of this nature. If you are not pregnant, then it’s possible that a baby dream suggests that you are off to a “new start” or a “new beginning” in life.

It is very reasonable and a common occurrence for women who are months pregnant to see baby dreams as a manifestation of the anxiety for the baby to be.

Relevant dream interpretations

  • A pregnant woman in dreams is always a good sign and signifies prosperity and emotional fulfillment.

  • Teeth in dream interpretation have a corresponding meaning to the condition they are in.

    If you dream that you have strong teeth, it is a sign of joy, satisfaction, and happiness.

  • Crying and tears in dreams usually have the opposite meaning - interpretation and are traditionally considered as a precursor to joy and prosperity.

  • The appearance of a wedding dress or a bridal gown in a dream is generally considered an ill omen, though that depends on several aspects of the particular dream and the person's current psychology

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