Meaning of death in dreams

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Meaning of death in dreams

The interpretation of death in dreams has various meanings, although generally it is terrifying and ominous for people. It is considered one of the most powerful dream symbols, but many times it expresses the subconscious fears we have about various situations that concern us.
In some cultures, it represents failure, either material or mental, while in some others, it is considered a terribly auspicious sign. In any case, the most important way to determine a valid interpretation is the "feeling" that a dream about death leaves us with.

If you dream that you are dying, pleasant news and romantic success await you.

If you dream that someone who was a friend and very dear to you has died, be careful because it means that another door is opening in your life that may be a little unknown, with unforeseeable problems.

Death generally in dreams means longevity and health. If you are sick, you will recover quickly. Don't be afraid of anything.

Whoever dies in your dream means progress, prosperity, gains, and good financial condition.

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